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Misconceptions about credit scores and credit repair abound. Some consumers who use credit cards donít believe they have a credit score or that their credit scores donít matter so they would never think about credit repair. However, without a good credit score or without credit repair when you score is blown to bits, a consumer may hurt themselves in day-to-day living.

If you have a bank account and bills to pay then you have a credit score and you may be a candidate for credit repair. Credit scores were developed by FICO (FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation) as a measure of credit risk and are the most used credit scores in the world. A FICO credit score is a three-digit number that gives lenders a clue about how likely you are to repay your bills. If your FICO credit score is bad. You may be a candidate for credit repair.

Your credit score is accessible to anyone with a legitimate business need. Here are two examples. An apartment manager my use your score to decide if you can be trusted to pay your rent on time. Employers may use your credit score to decide if you can be trusted in a high-responsibility job that requires you to handle money. Not knowing about credit scores leaves one vulnerable and you possible need for credit repair.

As with most potential problems there is often a lot of misinformation circulated about the solution to the problem. This is surely true about credit scores and credit repair. When trying to gain accurate information, consumers often come away with the idea that one can boost their credit score by paying more money to a company or hiring a ďcredit repairĒ expert.

Here are some areas you need to consider doing. You may need to define a credit score, a credit report, and other key financial terms to help in credit repair. You may need to develop a personalized credit repair plan that addresses your unique financial situation. You may need to find the resources and people who can help you repair your credit score. You may need to repair your credit effectively using the very techniques used by credit repair experts.

Remember, your credit repair does not happen in a vacuum.

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Dr. Winn Griffin writes several blogs. You can review a list of them at http://LibraryofBlogress.com. For credit repair information: http://www.griffingrid.com/al/creditrepair.htm

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