Be Vigilant When Repairing Your Bad Credit

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The word to be when trying to restore credit is "vigilant," because this can be a daunting task, but repairing credit can be accomplished by the average consumer. If a copy of the credit report has been procured, then it is time to go to work, first ensure that all personal information contain in the report is accurate and up-to-date. A consumer can lose very valuable credit points by the information contained on the credit application and what is contained on the credit file not matching. Most consumer reporting agencies will have a form that allows to update the information contained in the personal section of the credit report, if this form is not present, create one with the incorrect information above the correct information and instructions on what is suppose to be contained in the report.

The next phase will be to correct or delete accounts that are not yours, or contain outdated entries that should have been removed from the file based on the laws contained in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The types of entries that can be deleted are most revolving and fixed accounts that have been closed due to non-payment with a date of activity of seven years ago, and bankruptcies after ten years, and the majority of court related rulings can also be removed after seven years. Disputed accounts have to be investigated, and it is the responsibility of the credit grantor to proved that the account belongs to the person disputing it.

Using the disputing process of the law is a way to ensure that the consumer reporting agency is reporting correct and up-to-date information on the consumer, but also under this same law it is illegal to dispute information that is accurate and correct. The good news is that accounts that have been paid off and are in good standing can stay on your credit report indefinitely, and this can work to your to your benefit because it allows the reporting agency to report only good credit once the credit file has been restored and maintained. If you need professional help to restore your credit rating visit Millennium Credit Service at their website http://www.millennium-credit.com.

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Millennium Credit Service provides credit repair services that are legal and helps clients establish, build, and restore their credit by using federal laws that protect the consumer and services for clients with past credit problems.

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